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    Native Classic Controller Support

    Hello to The Community of Cemu Emulator,

    My name is Kevin and I thought my previous thread is too long and too old, so I thought it's time for a re-post.

    The Wiimote support is excellent and so is the Nunchuck support, but if that was all, you're skipping out on one Major Wii Controller - The Classic Controller.

    Playing Mario Kart 8 with Wiimote and Nunchuck is awesome, but wouldn't it be nice if you got both controllers bundled in one traditional Gamepad?

    Well, that's what I'm talking about, It wouldn't be any harder to implement than the Nunchuck, it just takes some developers opening their eyes and there you go!

    It doesn't require some kind of milestone, however that is how it would feel for the end-user, so please finish the last step of Wiimote support, so people like me with some real peace of hardware, can actually move on from Mario Kart Wii on Dolphin,where re-spawning takes ages.

    Thank you for your support and I wish further improvement to be made.


    Kevin Crans
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    An Unreal Gamedeveloper.

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