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    BOTW not rendering buildings

    Hi guys

    Got a persistent issue I think only started since updating to version 1.15.4b and installing the DLCs. Some buildings don't render at all - seems fine in villages, but I'm having problems with some individual shacks.

    For instance the old man's shack on the Great Plateau is invisible, as is Selmie's spot in the Hebra mountains (to name two examples I'm aware of).

    This isn't the same as a fairly standard issue I've always noticed where a building doesn't render for a few moments then suddenly appears once the system catches up; the issue I'm having now is that the buildings noted above are permanently invisible even after wandering around in side of them for ages, or leaving and revisiting to give the system time to load.

    Any known graphics packs cause this?

    Log file attached



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    Nothing looks too out of place in your log. Your graphics packs are out of date but I doubt that’s the cause. Does this always happen? If you launch the game right now are you guaranteed to not have those buildings? Does it happen without any graphics packs enabled? Did you ever copy game mods into your game files?

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    Yes those buildings have never rendered since the update - I've just launched the game now and the buildings are invisible as always. Before launching I disabled all graphics packs (log attached to prove it) but no difference (except the game looking a lot worse obviously...)

    The only mod I ever recall using is the 'Dynamic (FPS++)' graphics pack mod.

    I've updated the graphics packs, and still no dice with the buildings. Second log file attached.

    Cheers as always

    log - all graphics packs disabled.txt
    log - graphics packs updated.txt

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