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    Where do I put my downloaded game saves? Cemu 1.15.7c

    I am trying to get a save to work for Mario Kart 8 AMKP0101. The folder name for the save I have is 85887bc1 and there is a userdata.dat file in there. Since everything's different now, I don't know what goes where. I followed BSOD's guide to setting up Cemu, so I created a folder called Cemu Emulator Backup and that's where the games are saving. But there are many folders inside that one. Any idea where this folder goes?


    I figured it out. Is it possible to delete this post?
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    The easiest way nowadays is to just right click the game in the main list of the main emulator window and just select 'save directory'.

    PS. No reason to delete a thread if it helps the random visitor
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