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    Save Game Folder


    is it possible to store and use the game save folder outside from cemu?
    I mean this: \cemu\mlc01\usr\save
    Not the complete mlc01 directory. (Yes this is possible.)
    Because the dlc/title dir is to big (\cemu\mlc01\usr\title)

    The reason is. I want the saves on my "one drive" cloud service.
    So i can use my saves on different computers.

    BR Marc

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    Currently, my mlco1 folder is approx 30GB in size.. so yeah, that's not going to any cloud any time soon.

    The save folder within, is 5.6GB in size. I have not tried to compress it in a zip, rar, or 7z yet to see how compressed it can go. Would that help?

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