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    My Gameplay enhancements packs for Xenoblade Chronicles X (7 mods)

    Hey guys,

    Just want to share with you some "gameplay enhancement packs" (cemuhook needed) I made for Xenoblade Chronicles X.

    Firstly first, I want to tell a big thanks to rajkosto for its amazing cemuhook (and especially the code patching feature), Xalphenos and epigramx for their helpful posts on this forum.

    Now, about the packs (by the time you read this it should already be available in the Github, but I'll add a dropbox link at the end of this post).
    • Collectibles range: this pack strongly increases the distance from which you loot the collectibles. By default, you'll get them even before you're close enough to see the blue gem (distance increased by 52.0). There are 3 kind of distances in the game, each with a value of "Range" and "Height": "Inner" (which means when you are at foot), "Doll" (when you have a Skell at land) and "Flight" (which I believe is when you flight, generally in a Skell). Since I don't have a Skell yet in my current play, I would be grateful if someone could test the pack with its Skell (or even better, share with me its savegame). Right now I don't change the random selection of items (rare items are still rare).
    • Custom drop ratio: this pack allows you to set a minimum drop ratio of materials. I insist on that: only materials seem concerned (if you get a gold chest, you'll still only get one or two weapon/armor, not all of them the enemy can drop). The default minimum ratio is 30%, but can easily be tweaked (if you set to always 100%, as long as the enemy drop a chest you'll get all materials from him). Second optional setting is to force the dropped chest (gold, silver or bronze). This setting was mainly for testing purpose, but some may find it interesting.
    • Custom experience ratio: this pack basically allows you to increase or reduce the experience ratio (default setting is reduced by half).
    • Unlock DLC quests: this pack makes DLC quests availables in the BLADE console, even if the story is not finished.
    • Unlock Overdrive: this pack unlocks the Overdrive for the beginning of the game, even if the chapter 5 is not completed.
    • Probe resources multiplicator: this pack allows you to multiply the count of resources mined by your FrontierNav network (it doesn't change the ratio).
    • Unlock World Boss Squad Missions: last but not least, this pack adds the World Boss missions (Telessia and Yggralith) at the BLADE console, in the Time Attack menu. Currently the mission with the Telessia appears twice, I don't know why but still it's working. Since the emulator cannot go online, it cannot set the remaining LP for world boss so I arbitrary set it to 30 but you can customize the value. And before you ask, yes, I also activated the option in the BLADE console to exchange the boss appendices to Reward Tickets.

    All my packs should be compatible with 1.0.1E and 1.0.2U but are still highly experimental. They don't seem to make the game unstable, but their effects are not fully identified (for example I still have to see the behaviour of the collectibles pack with a Skell, eventually tweak the distance).

    Well, tell me what you think now! Download the packs from this link:
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    How do you change the option in patches?

    I don't understand texts in patches. Can you exam. it?

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    F finally !!! i can get some reward ticket !!! (can't defeat the boss yet tho. but this is awesome )

    thanks lasyan3 !!

    edit : i think the "Probe resources multiplicator" mod is not working...
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    Hi, how should I modify the "Custom experience ratio" file to increase or decrease the multiplier of exp?

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