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    Thanks to lasyan the crash is solved. If I activated one Offline ticket code at a time it was ok but as soon as I activated both of them simultaneously, cemu crashed.

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    Time for another big update!
    I updated the first post, but quick changelog:
    • New mod to change enemies stats
    • Change time feature from main menu
    • Unlimited equipment augment upgrades
    • Disable QTE in battles
    • Reduced lose aggro distance
    • And last but not least: Squad tasks and missions available offline!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lasyan3 View Post
    And last but not least: Squad tasks and missions available offline!
    I apologize for any errors, I use Google translator.
    Thanks for the great modifications. Playing with them is much nicer and more convenient. But I would like to in the last modification so that the task is not dropped when leaving the game. It happens the game will crash and all efforts disappear. Have to start from the beginning.
    With respect and gratitude.
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    Well, for me this is the normal behavior. With a real WiiU, the Squad Tasks and missions are received by the server each time you start a new game and are not saved locally (anyone with real experience of Xenoblade online can confirm?). That's why there is also a timer for the tasks. For the time the tasks are available you do some or not, and you do the missions or not, but in the end all is reset and a new set of tasks is sent by the server.
    As far as I understand, the only goal of those tasks and missions is to gain Reward Tickets.

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