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    Cemu crashes on game load.

    Typically crash on load is caused by a few things.

    1. Graphics drivers. Fix: DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller, Google) and reinstall GPU Drivers with a fresh download.

    2. Bad game/update files. Fix: Dump again. A quick test is to remove the game's update and see if the game loads. (BotW should land on the System Update screen.)

    3. Bad file paths. Fix: Put everything on the root of C. So C:/Cemu/ -- (Probably less of an issue now but it should still be tested if you are experiencing this--as certain non-english characters still cause this behavior.)

    4. Corrupt shadercache. (Rare) Fix: Delete the precompiled .bin for the game within \shaderCache\Precompiled, locate it by finding it's titleID. For Nvidia users, it may be necessary to delete the GLCache as well but opinions vary.

    5. Launching the update's RPX. Fix: Always launch the Main Game's RPX, not the one in the Update. If your update is placed/installed correctly, Cemu will handle the rest.

    6. Launching Cemu through piracy programs. Fix: Don't pirate. We will not and cannot help you further with this issue.

    This issue, (Cemu crashing when loading a game,) has come up quite a lot lately, so I started this topic to direct people to--and in all honestly it's usually #2 or #6, both due to a piracy program.

    In an attempt to keep these threads from cluttering up the place, further "crash on launch" type posts will likely be deleted and the user directed here.
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