I'm having issues with Cemu trying to get it to go online - namely that whenever it attempts to connect to the network, the program crashes.

I have copied over the following files in the following locations, dumped from my real Wii U: (File directories are from Cemu Root)

\mlc01\sys\title\0005001b\10054000\content\ccerts\ WIIU_ACCOUNT_1_CERT.der
\mlc01\sys\title\0005001b\10054000\content\ccerts\ WIIU_ACCOUNT_1_RSA_KEY.aes
\mlc01\sys\title\0005001b\10054000\content\scerts\ CACERT_NINTENDO_CA_G3.der
(This folder was actually under "80000007" on my Wii U, not entirely sure if that's relevant.)

I also copied over the "user\boss" folder to \mlc01\usr\boss, as I was told these were required to play Splatoon online in particular.

I'm posting my Crashlog.txt here: https://pastebin.com/SQKdnL9g
And my log.txt here: https://pastebin.com/hNE0Z5Wr

Any help would be much appreciated!