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Thread: Mod Manager

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    I don't think I'll be adding browser integration anytime soon. Maybe in a separate version designed for always-online but I want to get the basics working first.

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    Another useful thing about launching the mod manager from web links is that the cemu:// URL could also pass other parameters to the mod manager, such as mod name, author, thumbnail URLs etc. The mod manager can then use this meta data to create a nicer profile of the mod being installed. This might be a better alternative to relying on an ico.bmp in the main folder.

    For example, if GameBanana's skin ID was sent as a parameter in the cemu:// link, you could then query our API to get all kinds of data on the mod.

    This is the skin in the API call above:
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    Yes you mentioned that before but as I said I don't have much of an inclination to do that right now since it would require always-online functionality, a ground-up rewrite of the code (possibly in a different language), and more community backing/requests for that feature. It's not something I'm ready to dismiss completely but it is something I don't want to implement right now. The tool is still in the early stages of development, has almost no exposure, and an investment of time like that isn't feasible for features people may not even want.

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    Why does it require always-online functionality? Your mod manager would get a HUGE amount of exposure if it was a link on all our BotW mod pages (just like with our other mod managers, they get loads of attention as an alternate download option).

    If you change your mind please email me ( so we can discuss further - I can connect you to other devs who've implemented this in their own managers Good luck with it
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    Following what Tom said, this wouldn't require your manager to always be online. It would allow the launcher to launch via web browser click and then the manager itself would connect for that instance to download the mod. However, afterwards, it would still be offline unless something else was selected in the browser to be downloaded and installed / activated with the manager.

    As things are right now, you want people to download the mods, then place them in a directory for the mod manager to access and distribute. But what about the mod manager directly downloading the mod, placing the mod itself in it's suggested folder, and then being able to activate it from there? -- Just with a single click from the browser to start that process.

    This isn't the mod manager browsing the internet for the mods. It's people browsing the internet on their browser and then clicking a link to have your mod manager start up and import the mod automatically. lol

    Whereas it isn't completely mandatory, it would be a nice boon for your manager. As chances are, if someone makes one that can do what was mentioned, it'll be used more often.
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    I'll look into it but i can't promise anything or give any timeframes since I have a full-time IT job and this would be in my spare time only.

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    Awesome, thanks for reconsidering. Let me know how I can help. I can give you demo links to test with on - e.g cemu://[url_to_download]

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbzfanatic View Post
    I'll look into it but i can't promise anything or give any timeframes since I have a full-time IT job and this would be in my spare time only.
    Sounds good. Wish you luck with work.

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    Ok so work has been absolutely crazy...I'm thinking of dropping an "incrimental update" that only adds the color scheme and a sorting feature for the mods (sorting by size is off b/c it's string sorting instead of numerical, i'll get it fixed when I get some time). Would anyone be interested in that so you can see what mod has more files or find it by name easier etc? I don't want to just vanish in terms of progress.

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    I'd like a sort by name function or something. Maybe have a rename function from the same window?

    If not either of those, being able to sort them the way you want just my dragging them into place would be nice.

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