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    Whats up everyone, I'm new to the Cemu community, first I'd like to say I am impressed with the work and progress of this emulator and the graphics packs and other work that is done on these games and specifically Zelda BOTW, that looks so beautiful LOL. Anyway I have an i7 4770K with an z87 Sabertooth MOBO and 16gb @1600 Gskills memory. I plan on purchasing a gtx 1080 ti and an x34 predator. So should I just buy the new card and monitor and make other minor upgrades, or should I just buy a new system all together? I don't think I need a completely new system but I would like to have top notch performance. I will be emulating the Wii U of course, but also PS3, Wii, PSP, 3ds and any other system you can think of. I was trying to make upgrades without having to buy new ram, Mobo, and processor, but after seeing the comparisons videos on youtube showing the higher ram speeds have better performance in Zelda BOTW I said maybe I should just upgrade that too, but saw it was a voltage problem with my MoBo or processor. New system and sell old parts or just upgrade my card and monitor and keep Mobo, ram, and processor?

    i7 4770K
    Asus Z87 Sabertooth
    16 GB 1600 Kingston Gskills
    Cooler Master sidon XL 120
    Seasonic 650 Power supply
    Gtx 760
    Corsair 650 D
    Asus 23" 1080P Monitor

    I actually set everything up and it was running, but my frames were dropping off the chart, just think my card is too weak for right now. Only graphics pack I had was 1920x1080, regular resolution pack, and I think that was it. Frames would drop every few seconds. Any fixes to this???

    Will be purchasing a GTX 1080 ti and an Acer X34 predator Ultrawide (1440P)
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