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    Exclamation mark Analog stick input granularity bug

    The analog inputs in Cemu appear to behave more like a 49-way joystick instead of a proper analog joystick. This is most obvious in Smash bros, but the effects can be seen in other titles as well (in BotW, you can see it while trying to slowly sneak around). This makes some actions (forward tilts in Smash) very difficult to perform reliably (in this case, they seem to always hit low or high, instead of mid like one would expect for characters that can control where a forward tilt will hit like Samus or Sheik)

    Steps to reproduce:
    Launch Smash 4
    Proceed to the character select screen
    Attempt to move the cursor as slowly as possible in a smooth circle

    Expected behavior:
    Fine movements should be possible in any direction, allowing the cursor to move in a circle

    Actual behavior:
    Fine movements are only possible in 45 degree increments (with 0, 90, 180, and 270 having VERY narrow windows), restricting the cursor to move in a diamond (or an octagon if you're EXTREMELY precise)

    Helpful info:
    I used the exact same input device (Dualshock 4 via ScpToolKit, which emulates an XBox 360 controller) on both Dolphin (running Smash bros melee) and Cemu (Running Smash 4), set Dolphin to allow background inputs, and observed how the cursor moves in Dolphin side-by-side against Cemu to make sure it was a bug in Cemu rather than a hardware problem with my controller. Dolphin behaves as expected (can move the character select cursor slowly in any direction), but in Cemu, the cursor will only move NE,SE,SW, or NW (it has a VERY narrow window in which the cursor will move perfectly E/W or N/S, but that window would be impossible to reliably hit in an actual match). Tried Cemu with both XInput and DirectInput input APIs, Cemu behaves the same with both APIs. Adjusting the deadzone and range sliders did not help (and if deadzone is increased to 50%, it actually makes the problem worse, as it will be impossible to move the cursor E/W or N/S even at full tilt, instead when you try the cursor will only move NNE or NNW when you try to move it N). I am running Cemu 1.11.0c

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    Do you have the same results when configuring that controller as VPAD or Pro Controller?

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    Pro Controller and Classic controller (VPAD?) work perfectly. Don't know why I didn't think to try those. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strider4102 View Post
    Pro Controller and Classic controller (VPAD?) work perfectly. Don't know why I didn't think to try those. Thanks
    So only the vpad emulation for xinput/dinput is broken?
    Okay, I'll look into it.

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    I have the same issues as OP with my DS4 Controller on Windows 10 (Using DS4Windows). There is a large range of directions in BOTW where my character only moves N, S, E, and W. In DS4Windows, I can see that the full range of the joysticks is working correctly, but my character can only go in 12 directions in Cemu. Is there a fix for this? I think it might be my DS4 controller, but I really like using a DS4.

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