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    What's your hardware? Looking to build my own computer.

    Okay, so I've decided my computer isn't sufficient. First began when I wanted to play Mass Effect: Andromeda and found I couldn't. There've been a couple other games that were really bad, laggy to the point of difficult to play. So I've decided to get a new computer. After some shopping, I've decided I can save a good 30%-50% of the cost if I buy the exact parts and build myself than if I buy a prebuilt computer that's got roughly what I want. My current research has lead me to compile a list: Nvidia GTX 1060 Intel 7700K 32 or 64 GB RAM (undecided) appropriate ASUS motherboard depending on final decisions on everything else. Obviously storage as well, probably a 256 GB SSD and a big HDD as well (8 TB goes for about $160-$180 so that'd be what I get for that more than likely). Planning on fan cooled not liquid cooled simply due to cost and simplicity of setup, also for saving a bit of money.
    Any advice? What are your setups like, particularly for successfully running Breath of the Wild (the turning point that finally made me decide I need a new computer) with some fancy graphics packs of some sort.
    As a side note, (partially because I'm cheap and they tend to be a little expensive I'm planning on building outside a case, partially because I've seen lots of pics and think it could look cool) anyone built a computer outside a case before? Any advice? I already figured in having extra fans since the air is less directed over components and more blowing on them.
    Anyone against the no-case idea, know of a relatively inexpensive case with all the proper mounting points? If in a case it'll be concealed behind my tv most likely, and not visible so I don't need something with fancy lights that'll add a couple hundred dollars to the price.

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    My setup

    I own a Ryzen 5 1500x @ 3.8GHz, GTX 1070 and 16Gb of RAM @ 2666 MHz.
    I have to say that I'm in love with my PC, awesome performance on every game on 1080p at ultra/high.

    Talking about CEMU.... very good performance on almost all playable games (on the official list), but on BOTWdecent performance. I can get 25-30 outside towns and 22-25 inside. (Obiously with Cemuhook and shaders cache compiled).

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    My CPU: i5 7600k
    -I have this overclocked to 4.8ghz but I get a pretty solid experience in Breath of the Wild even at stock clockspeeds. I'm cooling it with an NZXT Kraken x61. I upgraded to this CPU specifically for Cemu and haven't had any problems. I think the i7 7700k is going to be overkill for you unless you're planning on doing stuff that makes use of hyperthreading like video or music production. i7s are productivity focused chips, you can usually get an i5 version of the chip you want and the only big difference is gonna be no hyperthreading, which games do not use.
    -A quick point about "fan cooled", I'm not saying you have to get a liquid cooler and I've not actually used an i7 7700k to run Cemu, but the reason I got that Kraken AIO setup was BECAUSE my previous chip, the i5 3570k, was getting up to ONE HUNDRED DEGREES CELSIUS running Cemu with the stock Intel cooler. Also pretty much what prompted me to upgrade, too. I don't know how hot a 7700k will get, but I thought I'd share my experience. Also, if you're going for the HTPC vibe since you said you were gonna put the computer behind a TV, keep in mind that air cooled will probably be noticeably loud when doing CPU intensive things, like maybe running BotW.

    My GPU: GTX 1080
    -Got this thing when it came out, still beasts every game I throw at it no problem even at 3440x1440. You do not need a GPU this nice for Cemu alone, though, since Cemu is way way more CPU intensive. That said, in certain situations, like if you're planning on running Xalphenos' 60fps pack in Breath of the Wild for instance, your GPU can come back into play if you're trying to use insane res graphics packs in conjunction since generating a higher number of frames per second at higher resolutions can be a pretty big task on its own.

    My RAM: 16gb DDR4 @3000mhz (Corsair vengeance)
    -Had to get this in conjunction with the CPU when I upgraded. Amounts of RAM can make a big difference for Cemu based on what I've read in the community and certainly higher clocked RAM won't hurt things, pretty sure someone said it has a significant performance impact as well but CBA to source that. I think 16gb is actually on the lower end of RAM I've seen people recommend for people running Nvidia cards because of the GL cache bug, but I've never noticed any problems with this amount, can even comfortably run Chrome in the background even in that most intensive game I've already mentioned a bunch by now (it's Zelda again). I think 64gb is overkill, don't think you'll need more than 32gb well into the future, and I beat that Zelda game, including every single shrine and most of the optional content (no thanks, Koroks) with just the 16gb.

    Those are really the key components you have to consider but in case you're curious, I also have a 750w EVGA PSU, the Gigabyte Z270X-Gaming K5 mobo, and the drive I've got Cemu stuff on is the SanDisk Ultra II all wrapped up in an NZXT H440.

    You asked about an inexpensive case recommendation and I think you should try to get the Define R5 into your budget. Yes, there are oodles of ~$50 cases out there. This is more expensive than those, but it's also a legendary "bang for your buck" case. It has sound dampening material which should help with the noise from the air cooler and it's known to be easier to build in than the cheapo cases with sharp edges and not as many tool-less elements.

    Hope all that info helps you out my man.

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    Thanks, that's quite helpful. I've always been a bit unsure of whether an i7 was worth the cost over an i5 since I figure, they're better in some way, but gamer "rigs" I always see are usually using i5 chips, but gamers tend to use the best, newest things, so I was always a bit confused. Thanks for clearing that bit up.
    I'll go with an equivalent i5 CPU, spend the difference probably on upgrading to a GTX 1070 instead of 1060. After looking over things I had decided a 1080 might be a bit overkill, unnecessarily high end for me.
    All in all, I'm thinking I can do this for a total of $1500 roughly. That's my goal. That's excluding case/wall mount hardware and taxes.
    I'll keep you posted, mentioning the end result in particular and how well things run. As Cemu is still relatively new I'd like to contribute to compiling some sort of a list of hardwares that can run Cemu with different games well.

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    Meh, I've been doing BotW fine with i5 4670k clocked to 4.2GHz and a GTX 750 Ti 2GB.
    And by fine I mean 30fps outside and 25-30 in towns. But I don't use any scaling with graphicpacks.

    My cooling is a closed water-based system, doing 30-35 idle and 50-55, maybe 60 C with full load on all cores (haven't changed thermal paste on the cpu since I've built that damn thing..)

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    The equivalent i5 is the i5 7600k by the way. It is the best LGA 1151 socket i5. You could spring for a 7640X but you'd be adding considerable cost to your build because compatible LGA 2066 socket motherboards are more expensive and the performance increase you'd get I would say is definitely not worth the investment.

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    My system

    CPU: Intel 4790k at 4.5Ghz
    GPU: Nvidia 980 TI FTW edition
    Monitor: 3440x1440 Dell ultrawide. (using the 21:9 high res graphic pack)

    BOTW runs 50-60 fps in shrines, and mostly 30-45fps out and about in the wild. Had to disable higher quality shadows though as that kept making my game stutter like crazy. If you're having any stuttering issues, trying disabling that graphic pack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chriztr View Post
    Meh, I've been doing BotW fine with i5 4670k clocked to 4.2GHz and a GTX 750 Ti 2GB.
    And by fine I mean 30fps outside and 25-30 in towns. But I don't use any scaling with graphicpacks.

    My cooling is a closed water-based system, doing 30-35 idle and 50-55, maybe 60 C with full load on all cores (haven't changed thermal paste on the cpu since I've built that damn thing..)
    watercooling seems to be op for that rig? i mean for a 100 bucks for most AIO's it would also have been possible to upgrade to an i7 with decent aircooler... has this decision a particular reason? i am just curius

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    so i am running a i5-4670k on an asrock pro3 mobo 16gigs of ddr3 ram
    gpu is a gtx770 pretty sufficiant for 1080p gaming

    no-case can look very cool but you also have to clean of dust a lot more often
    as for the components it seems pretty solid although if you are planning to mostly game on that thing going with an i5 gtx1070 combo might be more usefull otherwise this is fine as an i7 will last you longer and gpu's are easy to upgrade later on.

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    In case your wondering about a mobile Platform, this is what I'm running:

    Alienware 17 R4
    i7-7820HK ( Usually over clocked to 4.4-4.5 for BOTW and Mario Kart 8)
    GTX 1080 (over kill for Cemu but perfect for all other PC games I play)
    16GB DDR4 2666 RAM
    Two SSD's (Samsung 850 and stock)

    BOTW:Runs 60fps in shrines and 29-30 fps everywhere elsewhere. This is with a "4k" graphic pack
    MK8: Runs perfectly, but once you add 4 players, can slow down slightly, but not enough to ruin the experience.

    Heating and cooling
    From the factory, lappy was running a little on the hot side, so I repasted with Thermal Grizzly's conductonaut and now only see temps in the upper 60's (for CPU, GPU, and PCH). This is true HOURS after a gaming session. Only active cooling I use is a two fan cooling pad with a raised back for air flow.
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