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    Bayonetta 2 Sound crash & Game crash

    Operating System (OS): windows 7 64 bit pro

    CPU Model:i7 3770k 4.7ghz

    GPU Model: Nvidia 1070

    GPU Driver Version: 382.33

    HDD or SSD: (provide remaining storage space) 66 gb remaining on the OS SSD and 175gb remaining on the cemu's HDD

    RAM Size: 8gb 1600mhz


    Cemu Version: 1.11.1

    Game & Region: us

    Game Update Version: ???

    Your problem in detail: the sound crash very often but in random places . even tho , some chapters in the game are more subject to break the sound like the chzapter 8 and 9 are almost unplayable . After the sound crash , the game will just freeze at the next cutscene or loading screen

    What you have tried: playing without graphic pack

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    Ok now , i've tested some stuff and realized some other things :

    first of all , i've tryed to change all of the cemu's options ( using other scale options , changing gpu buffer scale accuracy , disabling GX2drawdone , disabling RDTSC )but none of that change anything

    what i realized is , that very often but every time at the same moment , the game will just freeze for a very very short moment ( between 0.1s and 0.5s ) and between this period of time , its where the sound is subject to crash , sometime it will crash , sometime no , i couldnt figure what can make it crash or not

    i can try to provide a video but it will be very hard and anoying to do , so i will do it if really needed

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    Hi, same problem here.

    I found opinion somewhere (can't remember where, honestly) that with cemu 1.10.0d this game was more stable. Tried it yesterday and was able to play for half an hour (through chapter IV) without any glitches. No video/audio desync in cutscenes, no sound crash and cemu freezing after that. Not sure if those problems won't appear in future but so far I'm happy and definitely will stay on 1.10.0d.

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    Quick update. Played some more at cemu 1.10.0d, completed chapters V-VIII. Not a single crash and just a couple small video/audio desync in cutscenes (less than 1 second, compared to a lot of 2-3 seconds desync at 1.11.1). So my advice is to give this cemu version a try.

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