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    Replacement Music Pack for Breath Of The Wild

    Sound mod for BOTW by Ainz. I think many has waited for this. Including me!

    Author: CEObrainz / Discord: Ainz#9102

    Tracks :

    Lost Woods Theme - Lost Woods Arrangement - SoundOfVG
    Temple of Time - Temple of Time Arrangement - Doc Nano (The VGM Impressionist)
    Horseback theme (Day & Night) - Hyrule Field OoT - Nintendo
    Goron Theme - Goron Theme (Twilight Princess) - Nintendo
    Goron City - Goron City (Ocarina of Time) - Nintendo
    Gerudo City - Gerudo Valley - Nintendo
    Hateno Village - Ocarina of Time (Kakariko Village) - ZREO Orchestrated
    Korok Forest - Ocarina of Time Kokiri Forest - ZREO Orchestrated
    Monster Shop - Potion Shop - Duhemsounds : VGM Cover
    Fireblight Ganon - Koloktos/Modarch - Nintendo (with minor alts)
    Thunderblight Ganon - Ghirahim Fight 1 & 3 - Nintendo
    Hyrule Castle - Ganons Tower Arrangement - The Noble Demon
    Gerudo Desert - Gerudo Valley - Nintendo
    Snow Areas - Serenade of Water Arrangement - Shix
    Hot Areas - Ancient Arabian Music | Quicksand - World Music official
    Mini-Game - Mini Game (Ocarina of Time) - ZREO Orchestrated
    Kakariko - Kakarioko (Twilight Princess) - Nintendo

    Update - Ver 1.01 : Kakariko track
    Update - Ver 1.02 : Tweaks & more tracks.
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    Do I have to register on some bananacrap to get this?

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    No. Just grab it & enjoy. Just extract it to right folder.

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    You guys should try this out if you get the chance. Great work so far.

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    Check Korok forest & hateno village. Absolutely fantastic! Fit perfectly.

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    Some feedback on volume

    Quote Originally Posted by chrono View Post
    Check Korok forest & hateno village. Absolutely fantastic! Fit perfectly.
    You should definitely lower the volume on the Hyrule Field (horseback) theme. It's much louder than the other ones. Besides that, great work!

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    Do you know of a mehod to change the hyrule field music? Ive tried replacing all of the small piano keys (which makes up the overworld music) with OOT Hyrulde field , but it doesnt work.

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    When I shared this, nobody could care less. :-)

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