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    Solution to DirectInput/Gamepad Issues on Current Cemu 1.11.2 (Smash Brothers)

    I see there're a lot of people coming across gamepad problems after the most recent cemu updates.
    My issue was that the movement axis would be inverted in some games (Mario Tennis, Smash Brothers), if i wanted to go right the character would move left.
    After a sh*t load of research, a nifty youTube video, and some trial and error with configuration I finally found a solution. The problem the Cemu has is with the directInput pads.
    I have a total of 3 gamepads, 2 are Generic USB Joystick (Arcade Sticks) and 1 Logitech RumbePad2. All of which stopped working after the update.

    To solve the issue you simply have to Create "Virtual" Xbox360 Controllers which Windows (Win10 64bit for me) thinks are real, and map your DirectInput Pads to them.
    There're are a few programs out there you can purchase that will do this for you, which are simple in use, but i'll show you the FREE method which i used (All Legal Free Downloads) that you'll need to work on programming a while. After that you'll just have to change Cemu's input options to use Xinput controllers (virtual) instead of DirectInput ones.

    Here Goes:
    1. Download and install Xbox360 Controller Drivers (Xbox 360 Accessories Software 1.2) from MS website.

    2. Download and install vJoy Software. You DONT need to install a "Demo" Feeder it comes with, actually all you need to do is install this software along with the drivers it comes with and not touch it again. The next program i mention will do all the work, just the vJoy drivers are needed.

    3. Download and unzip UCR (Universal Control Remapper) from the following site. This post has some info you'll find useful on creating virtual xbox controller.

    4. Run UCR, click "IOClasses" on top, then "vJoy", then "Show vJoy log", and make sure that vJoy is installed correctly and there a no errors in the log. If there are, reinstall vJoy (I had to once).

    5. Next install the SCPVBus. IOClasses -> vJoy -> Install SCPVBus. (I had an issue with SCPVBus, read on if you come across it to find solution)

    6. Next you'll just need to Create Virtual Xbox Controllers inside of the UCR Program. You do that by "adding" plugins to the profile listed. Once you map at least one button from your gamepad to an xbox pad output Windows will create the gaming device in Devices & Printers from Control Panel.

    To map buttons from you gamepad to xbox you'll have to add the Button-to-Button Plugin.
    To map axis add Axis-to-Axis.
    To map Trigger Buttons add Button-to-Axis

    Watch YouTube video "How to emulate x360 gamepad with keyboard on PC" to better understand how to configure UCR to emulate the Xbox 360 Controller. The only difference will be that you'll use your gamepads as inputs and not the keyboard. Which will change some of the plugins you'll have to use.

    8. DONT forget to SAVE Config. Also you have to keep UCR running to keep the controllers emulated. I made mine auto-start with windows minimized in tray.
    9. Once you configure all the joysticks you'll just have to change the Cemu's input setting to use xInput instread of DirectInput.
    9. This is great for all windows games not just cemu, i no longer need x360ce for each game in my multi arcade machine. If a game accepts official Xbox360 controller it works great.

    Problems I came across:
    1. I had to install vJoy twice, UCR had an error in the log.
    2. Windows failed to create the virtual xbox gamepads after configuring UCR. To fix this i had to uninstall and reinstall SCPVBus from IOClasses. I then rebooted the machine. That fixed it, after mapping button 1 on my joypad to Vxbox 1 Botton A windows created a virtual xbox controller in devices.
    3. After creating the device you can test it, i had an issue where the 1st of the 3 virtual controllers gave me a "controller not connected" error when going to properties to test it. Dont worry about it, it still works fine. The 2 other controllers tested fine, without the error. Ther'es something about the first emulated controller that caused the error message for me. Might not happen to you, but if it does... Dont worry, test it in game.
    4. It takes a while to program, especially if you have 3 pads. And a bug might happen while you work where the controllers stop working or a button is continuously pressed, just save config and restart your machine. It will be fine once it comes back.
    5. After you program everything you might find that a button is not working, just go back to that buttons plugin in UCR and re-enter the "input" button. Will work fine after.

    Since i installed the program and fixed these small bugs the program works flawlessly. Every time i start my machine Windows and Cemu think i have xbox controllers and all the buttons are working perfectly.
    Smash brothers works great all controllers' axis moving in proper directions. On a side note... if you have problems with running Smash Brothers make sure you have cemuhook installed with all fonts downloaded.

    Feel free to ask any questions if you get stuck.

    Good Luck,
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    Hi Tom, that's good to know, thanks for the info!
    Actually I have a weird problem with my Xbox 360 controller when using Xinput. As it is not in good condition it may have suffered from certain problems with its wire, so, every so often, when it disconnects the Xinput stops working and I can't program it neither, the only option left is DirectInput, but as it has certain problem with the triggers, I can't use both at the same time. So I was wondering if you have any actual recommendation about or where do I have to go to learn more about it

    Take care and have an amazing life!

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    thanks for the solution, I also have the same problem when I chose direct Input and chose the usb controller cemu stops working and close. could be worse drivers? or that is the only solution?

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