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    Is Cemu getting more buggy or slower in recent builds?

    Hi all, I've not said anything on here before I don't think, but been using Cemu for a good while now, and was amazed at how soon we were playing great games like Mario Kart 8, Guacamelee, Mario 3d World, Splatoon, etc. With every iteration of Cemu, games were getting more and more stable. But since BOTW came out, it seems the focus has been mainly on that one game. I hate the game personally, as to me it isn't Zelda, but I appreciate that there will be a lot of people new to Cemu just for this one game. That's fine, but is it just me, or is Cemu heading more to fixing that one game nowadays, instead of aiming for more success on the rest of the games too?

    For example, Mario Kart 8 was the reason I personally started playing with Cemu, as MK8 at 60fps in 4K is glorious. But what once ran at a perfect 60fps all day long, even in four player split screen, has now become a bit ropey. Game speed often drops out of the blue where it's struggling to hit 60fps in areas it once had no issues with. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze now can only do 11fps whenever DK or Diddy is on screen since it can't handle drawing their fur any more (with high accuracy enabled of course, it will still just about do 60fps on medium or low accuracy, but glitches badly as usual). Fast Racing Neo doesn't even get into a race any more before crashing, whereas before it at least got going (albeit poorly) etc.

    It would be nice to see progress on other titles, and I appreciate that things can inadvertently get broken in error while experimenting with fixing other things, but to me it seems all progress in recent months is soely with BOTW in mind, and that's a shame.

    Is it just me, or are others thinking the same thing? Or is it another setting which has been introduced in one of the recent versions, which I've overlooked?

    Is it just my spec? Has Cemu recently become more demanding or anything? I'm on a water cooled i5 4690k overclocked to 4.5ghz, superclocked geforce 980ti, 16gb ram, SSD, etc.

    Am I just imagining things?
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    It's just you.

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    So no idea why I'm now getting random framerate drops in Mario Kart 8, no more than 11fps in Tropical Freeze, etc?

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    Maybe you have a problem with nVidia's GLCache?
    Try deleting %LOCALAPPDATA%\NVIDIA\GLCache and the shaderCache\precompiled in Cemu folder.
    This causes a slow recompile for every game, but helped me a few times in the past.

    BTW: how many shaders do you have in MK8?

    For DKTF I also had a serious frame drop with current version.
    Seems it was causes by a nVidia control panel setting i had set for cemu.exe.
    After setting "Threaded optimization" back to default fps went back to normal.

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    I've not tried deleting the shader cache yet, since it doesn't seem to be at set points of each track, so doesn't suggest it's the same sections of the cache that's bad. It just seems to drop randomly, no matter what section. It's not even consistent enough to say which tracks are worst for it. Just random dips for a few seconds, then suddenly goes back to 60fps. It does seem to be more apparent on split screen at least though, but it never used to have problems. The only graphics pack I'm using is the recent 4k one, but it does the same even without using it.

    I've not changed any Nvidia settings, but I'll check the thread optimisation bit and see if I can improve it. 11fps on tropical freeze isn't particularly playable. :-)

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    As an aside, I should point out that regressions are completely normal and common during the course of an emulator's development. Sometimes it just happens; FPS gets sacrificed in favour of better compatibility or more accurate emulation. It's something anyone that uses emulators has to learn to deal with. This is not an hobby for people that lack the know how to tinker with things.

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    As I've said in my original post, I'm well aware that as things are changed, things can sometimes be broken or affected. So no you don't need to point it out. But like I said, it seems as though all progress being made is with just one game in mind, and other titles don't seem to be improved at all. I was simply asking if anyone else thought the same, or if they knew what changes have affected the games that I'm bothered about, since I've not changed anything on my end. I have seen there's recently been a new release though with claims of performance improvements, so I'll see if it's going to improve any of them, or if it's just tweaks for BOTW again.

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    Whilst there are a lot of BOTW changes, it's not all for that one game. Several others have started working in the past few releases, such as Pokken, for example.

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    That's another one I've not bothered to try playing, but nice to hear that some games are improving, cheers. Hadn't heard much since pretty much everything people are talking about is BOTW related.

    I've just been reading about 1.11.3, and seen it now makes better use of multiple cores. That'll be a nice boost for any game that already works, so hopefully that'll help sort out my random FPS dips. :-)

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    Version 1.11.3 won't help you much, as CPU power isn't really your problem.
    The new recompiler are marked as unstable. MK8 freezes after one race.
    But DKTF is running great with triple core compiler.

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