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    Really? I'd assumed the CPU was the weakest part of my setup. :-(

    Good to hear tropical freeze is running well though, fingers crossed I'll get more than 11fps again.

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    Okay, so just had chance to monitor my setup, and have seen these dips in FPS in mario kart are caused by my 980ti dropping down to 120mhz or similar for a moment, then shooting back up to about 1200mhz when all is well again. My temps aren't going anything over 55 degrees though, so it's not thermal throttling. My CPU never goes above say 70% either, so I don't appear to have any bottlenecks. I wonder if there's an issue with the nvidia drivers and Cemu? I just gave 1.11.3 a try too since the public release is now out, and sure enough I'm still not getting any more than 11-13fps whenever DK or Diddy is on screen, whether I use single, double or triple. Seems to be having a fit when drawing their fur or something. Anyone have any ideas? My setup runs everything else fine all day long, it just seems to not be playing nice with cemu somehow.

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