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Thread: BEX64 Error

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    BEX64 Error

    Operating System (OS): Win7 Ultimate x64

    CPU Model: Intel Core i5-3210M 2,50 GHz

    GPU Model: Intel HD 4000

    RAM Size: 4 Gb

    HDD or SSD: HDD, 64 Gb free


    Game: Xenoblade Chronicles X

    Game Version: EUR

    Your problem in detail: Game starts, but after a connection try screen, it crashes with BEX64 error.

    What you have tried: Reinstall C++ 2015, both x86 and x64, tried method, listed in this reddit comment (


    Additional Comments: I know about unsupporting the Intel HD cards, but, first, the official site says only about visual glitches; second, I just wonder, if this error caused by old hardware or some software troubles (my Windows uptime is about a 4 years now).

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    I can almost guarantee this is just because your Integrated Graphics don't support OpenGL hooks that are necessary. (See the quote below.)

    Secondly, your CPU isn't strong enough. We usually recommend a very minimum of 3.2GHz.

    Lastly, 4GB RAM is only enough to run your OS with minimal usage of other programs. (i.e, browsers, movies, etc.)

    Thank you for using the Support Guidelines.

    Log.txt Info:

    [22:28:09] OpenGL extensions:
    [22:28:09] ARB_clip_control: not supported
    [22:28:09] ARB_get_program_binary: available
    [22:28:09] ARB_clear_texture: not supported
    [22:28:09] ARB_copy_image: not supported
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    Thanks but replying. Sad, but expected. Thank you again.

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    We hope to see you again if you do manage to get some new equipment.

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