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    1.11.3 better perf but..

    Hello and happy new year !!!

    With triple core on i get almost everywhere 60fps with my i7 7700k + 1070 + 16go ram but even when the fps counter is locked at 60 it doesn't look smooth when turning the camera, any suggestion?

    Also i noticed that with 1.11.3 the rumble in my xboxone controller are gone, they worked perfectly with 1.11.2. Anyway to turn them back on? I did slide rumble to 100% in the input.

    Thank you for your amazing work, so glad i can enjoy this amazing game on PC, i would probably never tried it without your emulator and missed one of the best game ever !!! I just wished it was technicly perfect

    Sorry for my poor english.

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    Same symptom too. (only for the rumble however)
    Input settings : Wii u GamePad | xInput

    Testing methodoly ingame :
    - enter in Shrine
    - damage caused by his own bombs
    - galloping on horseback


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