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    Hyrule Warriors crashes randomly after battles (1.11.2)

    Hey guys

    So when im ending battles in Hyrule Warriors it just sometimes crashes, means it goes black screen and frozen fps. If I close fullscreen it shows some random picture from before the battle (Sometimes it was the adventure Map, sometimes the bazar). I then have to restart the game and the battle wasnt saved.

    My Specs:

    CPU: Intel i5-2470@3.2 Ghz
    GPU: AMD Radeon R9 290X, Ver. 17.7
    SSD: 85 GB free
    Ram: 16 GB DDR 3
    Cemu 1.11.2
    Hyrule Warriors, Auto-Region
    Game Update version: Not sure
    Problem: See above
    Tried: Graphic packs (1080p), cemuhook
    Havent messed with any virtual memory/pagefile settings
    And the logs are in the Attachments, I hope someone can help me
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    try disabling rdtsc and make sure none of cemuhook is set to default timer.

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    Hello Xaiphenos, thanks for your answer

    I forgot i already disabled rdtsc, else it crashed after the first mission every time. I now set "MM Timer Accuracy" to highest and "Custom Timer" to "QPC 1x", but it still happens. The crashlog didnt change, i guess it doesnt really crash but freeze and the new log is in the attachments. Did I forget sth or do you see another option I could try?log.txt
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    Have been struggling with the same problem. I may have stumbled upon a weird solution, though. The way I see it, where your camera looks at the final frame of the level is important. The more stuff the frame includes - the higher the odds it'll freeze on you.
    So, what you want is to get your character against some wall and just look at it at the end of the stage.

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