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    Hyrule Warriors crashes randomly after battles (1.11.2)

    Hey guys

    So when im ending battles in Hyrule Warriors it just sometimes crashes, means it goes black screen and frozen fps. If I close fullscreen it shows some random picture from before the battle (Sometimes it was the adventure Map, sometimes the bazar). I then have to restart the game and the battle wasnt saved.

    My Specs:

    CPU: Intel i5-2470@3.2 Ghz
    GPU: AMD Radeon R9 290X, Ver. 17.7
    SSD: 85 GB free
    Ram: 16 GB DDR 3
    Cemu 1.11.2
    Hyrule Warriors, Auto-Region
    Game Update version: Not sure
    Problem: See above
    Tried: Graphic packs (1080p), cemuhook
    Havent messed with any virtual memory/pagefile settings
    And the logs are in the Attachments, I hope someone can help me
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    try disabling rdtsc and make sure none of cemuhook is set to default timer.

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    Hello Xaiphenos, thanks for your answer

    I forgot i already disabled rdtsc, else it crashed after the first mission every time. I now set "MM Timer Accuracy" to highest and "Custom Timer" to "QPC 1x", but it still happens. The crashlog didnt change, i guess it doesnt really crash but freeze and the new log is in the attachments. Did I forget sth or do you see another option I could try?log.txt
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