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    I checked on a savefile in zelda botw in kakariko village during evening times (bot count low).
    I tried to walk the exact route and do the sequence exactly the same with minimum deviations.
    dual-core recompiler framerate (from 67 values):
    arithmetic average: A67 = 47,403
    median: M67 = 48,000
    triple-core recompiler framerate (from 95 values)
    arithmetic average: A95 = 43,922
    median: M95 = 43,800

    arithmetic average: ~ 7,9 % more frames and median: ~9,5 %, using the dual-core recompiler.

    dual-core recompiler frametimes
    arithmetic average: 32,315269
    variance: 154,796986
    standard deviation: 12,441744
    median: 28,218000
    average deviation: 8,421061
    median deviation: 4,495000
    skewness: 2,687322

    triple-core recompiler frametimes
    arithmetic average: 28,463126
    variance: 56,023857
    standard deviation: 7,484909
    median: 26,384000
    average deviation: 4,490876
    median deviation: 1,961000
    skewness: 3,457566

    As said, the frametimes are lower when using the triple-core recompiler. Think I stick with the triple-core recompiler, just felt a tad smoother, even when frames were lower. Probably also because I'm using g-sync and such little drop in framerates isn't so noticeable, but higher frametimes are.
    I've overclocked to 4,7 GHz when doing this, increased the fps around "1 - 3".

    PS: I'ts strange. After leaving kakariko and visiting some other places, sometimes there are more framerate-drops with the triple-core recompiler, for example when bombs exploding, trees falling or especially areas looading. In other places or for example shooting arrows, suddenly the triple-core recompiler has less of those framerate-drops.
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    i have : AMD FX 8350 on the CROSSHAIR V FORMULA with 32 GB GEIL DDR3 2133 MHz and ASUS R9 290X DirectCU II OC

    semi-static test : link on a horse (not moving) with the sun on the back ( screenshot : )
    with dual core : between 13,5 FPS (most LOW) and 14,2 FPS (most HIGH)
    with triple core : between 12,3 FPS (most LOW) and 13,3 FPS (most HIGH)

    zelda patch 1.4.1 and DLC ver.3.0 at 1080p with graphics pack : NO AA, all AMD fix options, regular shadows, 30fps lock, FPS++, LWZX Crash workaround and shadow fix
    CEMU 1.11.3 : GX2SetGPUfence SKIP = ON ; upscale filter = bilinear ; GPU buffer = low ; and NO fullsync at GX2 draw, NO RDTSC and shader cache = ON (using bsod 9k cache file)
    AMD driver 18.1.1 (Driver Packaging Version

    but i must point out i was mining etherium and watching youtube at the same time ... so i re-did the test with no mining and no video (just CEMU)
    with dual core : between 15,7 FPS (most LOW) and 16,2 FPS (most HIGH)
    with triple core : between 15,4 FPS (most LOW) and 16,0 FPS (most HIGH)

    here is a screenshot of the scene :
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    Here with my system (Signature)

    With Single core my average is: 30-40 FPS
    With Dual Core my average is: 50-60 FPS.
    Intel i5 7600K @4.8Ghz (1.35v) - WC 120Lite CoolerMaster
    MSI Z270 Gaming M6 AC
    Ballistix 16GB (4x4GB) DDR4 2400Mhz @3000Mhz
    Galax GTX 1060 6GB EXOC @2113mhz
    1TB Western Digital Blue - Corsair VS500W
    Corsair Carbide Spec-Alpha - Samsung 27" Curvo C27F591

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    Always try lower resolution graphic packs to see if your GPU is capped, if you have not already.

    Otherwise, Epigram has covered most of this.

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