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    cemu crashes, additionally nvidia graphics driver


    maybe someone can help with this and/or give suggestions resolving it.
    Using public cemu 11.1.2/patreon 11.1.3 in combination with nvidia 388.71/390.65 graphics driver. Os is windows 10 x64.
    Hardware: cpu: intel core i5 2600k overclocked 4,6 GHz. Memory 8 GB DDR3 + 8 GB virtual windows memory on ssd. Graphic card: nvidia gtx 1080 ti.
    Hardware is stable running benchmarks/software like prime 95, memtest or or unigine's superposition benchmark.

    After a random amount of playtime zelda botw - I can't see noticeable reasons while playing it, which lead to these crashes -, usually between 10 - 60 min., cemu just suddenly crashes; different things happening:
    1) happens rarely: game screen freezes for some seconds, not responding to any input. I can see the usual windows circle moving in the background. Cemu application closes instantly and the windows desktop is shown. I can restart cemu without problems and no other driver errors. Cemu will ofc. crash again after x amount of time.
    2) happens mostly: game screen turns black for some seconds, not responding to any input. Cemu crashes and with it my monitor is shut down (screen turns black and the monitor status led/status message on display is showing "no signal), which is a indication that the nvidia driver has crashed. After some seconds the windows desktop is shown again, in 640x480 resolution. The nvidia driver has crashed and can't be opened or restarted. I can't change the monitor resolution in windows settings either, it has turned grey and is not selectable. The windows device manager is not showing the graphics card anymore, just "basic display adapter".
    I have to restart the computer, for everything to work properly again.
    3) Basically the same as 2) the nvidia graphics driver crashed, but resolution has not changed. Still, everything feels sluggish and I have to restart the computer.

    I found some logs from the windows "event viewer". It should be the crashes that happened at that time.
    The NVIDIA OpenGL driver has encountered
    an out of memory error. This application might
    behave inconsistently and fail.
    (pid=20652 cemu.exe 64bit)
    (pid=14680 cemu.exe 64bit)
    (pid=1108 cemu.exe 64bit)

    The display driver "nvlddmkm" is not responding and has been recovered.

    Windows has diagnosed, that the virtual memory is insufficient. The following programs use most of the virtual memory: Cemu.exe (3904) use 14799470592 Bytes, MsMpEng.exe (3164) use 155070464 Bytes and dwm.exe (1088) belegt 64835584 Bytes.
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    From crashlog.txt:

    Crashlog for Cemu 1.11.3 (Patreon)
    Date: 11-01-2018 01:24:14

    Stack trace
    0x00007ff6aed70a40 (+0x00007ff6aed70a40) Cemu.exe cemuLog_log
    0x00007ff6aed70a40 (+0x00007ff6aed70a40) Cemu.exe cemuLog_log
    0x00007ffe1e81ef90 (+0x00007ffe1e81ef90) Cemu.exe RtlUserThreadStart
    0x00007ffe1e7cbcc0 (+0x00007ffe1e7cbcc0) Cemu.exe RtlWalkFrameChain
    0x00007ffe1e853b70 (+0x00007ffe1e853b70) Cemu.exe KiUserExceptionDispatcher
    0x00007ff6aed54c30 (+0x00007ff6aed54c30) Cemu.exe graphicPack_loadGraphicPackShaders
    0x00007ff6aed53a20 (+0x00007ff6aed53a20) Cemu.exe gpu7Texture_forceInvalidateByImagePtr
    0x00007ff6aeecfb90 (+0x00007ff6aeecfb90) Cemu.exe osLib_registerHLEFunction
    0x00007ff6aecd28e0 (+0x00007ff6aecd28e0) Cemu.exe gameProfile_getCurrentCategoryName
    0x00007ff6aecd28e0 (+0x00007ff6aecd28e0) Cemu.exe gameProfile_getCurrentCategoryName
    0x00007ff6aeecfb90 (+0x00007ff6aeecfb90) Cemu.exe osLib_registerHLEFunction
    0x00007ffe1bdb1fd0 (+0x00007ffe1bdb1fd0) Cemu.exe BaseThreadInitThunk
    0x00007ffe1e81ef90 (+0x00007ffe1e81ef90) Cemu.exe RtlUserThreadStart
    Exception 0xc0000005 at 0x7ff6aed63420(+0xe3420) in module Cemu.exe
    cemu.exe at 0x7ff6aec80000

    RAX=0000000000000000 RBX=0000000000000000 RCX=0000000000000000 RDX=0000000000000200
    RSP=0000006109cff2e0 RBP=0000006109cff3e0 RDI=0000000000000200 RSI=000001cb9913fa00
    R8 =000001cb9913fa00 R9 =0000000000000000 R10=0000000000000200 R11=0000000000000200
    R12=00007ff6aec80000 R13=cccccccccccccccd R14=00007ff6aec80000 R15=0000000000000000

    And from log.txt (I don't know the date this was created, I remember it always there)
    Internal error: assembly compile error for vertex shader at offset 2092:
    -- error message --
    line 44, column 45: error: invalid vertex attribute reference
    line 59, column 25: error: invalid vertex attribute reference
    line 61, column 25: error: invalid vertex attribute reference
    line 63, column 25: error: invalid vertex attribute reference
    line 66, column 25: error: invalid vertex attribute reference
    -- internal assembly text --

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    After posting this, it was of course pretty easy to realize that it is the insufficient ddram/virtual memory which is responsible for crashing 1).
    Still, it does not explain the horrible driver crashes 2) and 3).

    Besides, why is cemu behaving like that? I allocated 20 GB of virtual memory + 8 GB DDR3 to the system. After x amount of playtime, cemu is using all of it.
    Does the program never get sated? Will eat use every bit of memory, no matter how much is allocated?
    Normally programs/games release every bit of memory not used anymore. Using cemu + zelda botw, just by opening the ingame map, cemu claims 200 MB of memory, never releasing it, until the application is closed.

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