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    Hero's Path Mode OFTEN ERASED

    HI everybody,

    First, your emulator works perfect (45/120fps with cemuhook, fps++ etc...) and I'm using CEMU 1.11.3 and the last version of BOTW (with the 2 DLC).

    However, I have a big recurring problem : my Hero's Path Mode is often erased!!!
    So, can you help me ??? I have LOST ALL my last hero's path mode (60 hours playing game )


    CEMU 1.11.3 Dual-Core Mode with options : Bilinear, always downscale with bilinear / GPU buffer on LOW / GX2DrawDone enable / MM Timer Accurancy to 1ms / Custom Timer to QPC 1x / Precompiled shader cache on disable/ignored
    Some graphic pack (v598) : FPS++, 1080p, LWZX, NVIDIA explosion smoke, reflefExtra, square kakariko, contrasty
    CPU i5 2500K
    GPU GTX 1070 Ti
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