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    Water physics bound to framerate? (Special Delivery quest bug)

    I've been playing BotW on Cemu 1.11.3 with various issues, most of which I've resolved with the help of numerous guides. But I haven't noticed anyone mentioning this particular issue yet. I'm playing with all the newest versions of everything installed, and using the 1080p and FPS++ graphic packs. I don't have a constant FPS counter on screen so I can't say for certain, but I believe my FPS is consistently in the range of 50-60, disregarding the occasional lag spike (which affects the whole computer while Cemu is open, not just Cemu itself).

    (very minor BotW spoilers ahead)

    I was having issues trying to solve the Special Delivery quest, the one where the little Zora girl throws a barrel (with a love letter in it) in the water and asks you to track it as it floats away. First, the barrel would float away faster than Link can swim despite wearing the full Zora armor set (not upgraded fully, though), but then it gets stopped by the small wooden barrier so that was alright. But once I'd get it past that point and down the first waterfall, it would just disappear. I couldn't figure out what was going on at first until in one of my attempts I managed to see the barrel clearly fall down the waterfall into the water below and never make it up again. I assumed it broke due to the fall.

    At this point I was getting frustrated and decided to check online for a walktrough, as I was certain others had a similar problem and there was a catch to solving the quest. But to my surprise no one thought this quest to be particularly hard. And I saw why when I decided to check out a youtube video of the quest being solved - the barrel in that video moved WAY slower. In fact, in the video the barrel was flowing down river slower than Link can swim, and the guy filming the gameplay actually tried to swim into the barrel to push it faster as he was getting bored of watching it slowly float down stream.

    Now I had framerate-related problems before, so I had a suspicion that this was one of those problems. I had already made sure that "MM Timer Accuracy" is at 1ms and that I'm using 1x QPC as custom timer. I also have the "Full sync at G2XDrawDone()" option turned on to avoid AI freezing issues. But this was a new issue, and I probably wouldn't have noticed it if not for this quest. I tried solving it by activating a "30FPS Lock" graphic pack that came with the graphic packs bundle I'm using. I started the quest over and sure enough, the barrel moved down stream at normal speed, just like in the youtube videos. I was able to solve the quest without any problems after that.

    Thinking back, I think this might have affected other objects in the water before, but I haven't done any testing so I can't verify that. I usually tend to avoid interacting with water in BotW as I find swimming in the game to be generally cumbersome. Maybe even that is a side effect of the doubled water physics, as the water currents get too strong for Link to handle.

    All in all, it's not a major impact on most of the gameplay, so I won't keep my game locked to 30 FPS moving forward, but I am interested to see if there's a possible fix for this. Because it's kind of hard to notice, it might be negatively impacting gameplay experience without anyone being aware things aren't working as Nintendo intended.

    TLDR: Issue - the barrel in Special Delivery quest floats too fast. Workaround - lock your game to 30FPS.
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    I'm having this same issue, thank you for posting a fix. I think you are right about the water physics being 2x faster with an fps unlocker, this should definitely be looked into.

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    Cemu devs are going to look at nothing; editing game code is inaccurate emulation (and in this case it's even gameplay code). Any fps hack is the result of fiddling with anonymous optimized assembly, which is a very hard thing to do.
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