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    Question Any chance we could see Wind Waker HD noisy Audio getting fixed?

    The game's audio is still noisy in an annoying way even in 1.11.3! The games runs stable and smooth since months and this audio problem is really a pain a**! Why they don't fix this?/There is no solution? After all this long time?

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    Have you tried turning the audio volume down in Cemu? I used to get loads of distortion on several games unless I set the slider to around 50%. It's since been fixed on Shovel Knight and Mario 3D World, so I'm back up at 100% again. I've never tried Windwaker on Cemu though to know if it's the same issue or not. Worst case, you could always play the gamecube version on Dolphin instead?

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    The volume will crackle if you aren't maintaining stable FPS. Even a 1FPS drop will cause distortion.

    Also, make sure to try using Options > Experimental > Enable RDTSC -- and with Cemuhook, you can try Debug > Custom Timer & MM Timer Accuracy

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