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One thing that noticed today (Never happened before), when I'm looking to the enemy, they don't move, if I turn the camera he start to move.!!!
and my FPS now is locked to 36FPS, and before was running fine to 60FPS...

I didn't change any settings, didn't update anything....

Clueless here

PS= Was able to fix the problem with enemy freezing..... but still can't fix the 36FPS (even in menu, before load the game, is locked to 36fps)
I tried to get the graphic pack to unlock the fps using together with FPS ++ and nothing....

Thing that make me angry, is that I din't change anytinhg, just turn off the computer, sleep, next day boom.... all this things happened
Turning on Options > Experimental > Enable GX2DrawDone() will fix the enemy / NPC AI from freezing, and it will also help stop Runes from crashing the game.

As for being stuck at 36 FPS, make sure you're not using an FPS lock like RivaTuner or an edited graphic pack with the vsync frequency line. (It would have more than likely been your own edit.)