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    Thanks epigramx. I'll give the bayonetta pack a try whenever cemu 1.10 is public.

    Quote Originally Posted by Crementif View Post
    Add a note to Mario Kart 8 which mentions that the game will run at 30fps (render half of the screen 1 frame, then the next frame it renders the other half of the screen which can be seen on a digitalfoundry video.)
    I took a look at the digital foundry article. Their explanation is practically what epigramx said.

    It's with the three- and four-player modes that things become even more fascinating. At first glance the four-player split-screen mode appears to operate at 30fps, but if you look closer you'll notice something interesting: the HUD updates at 60Hz. Digging deeper we were able to determine that the complete image is still updated 60 times per second with the top and bottom sections refreshing on alternative frames.

    "In split-screen, a new image is still sent to the screen at 60fps, but the updates between top and bottom screens alternate each frame."

    Further examination of the game operating in two and four player split-screen mode along with footage captured from a time trial. Notice the performance benefits of running without CPU opponents enabled.
    This effectively means that each portion of the screen corresponds to either odd or even frames, producing an effective 30fps as a result. As you can see in our performance analysis video, the frame-time remains at 16ms during four-player split-screen while the frame-rate graph - which we've clipped to analyse one player's view - updates at 30fps. We attempted a split-screen analysis comparison - effectively treating the top and bottom of the image as different video streams - but as we suspected, the results were identical with the expected single frame off-set. Of course, the small disturbances visible in the graph demonstrate the continued frame-rate issue we've noted in the game's other modes. More positively, an effective halving of gameplay frame-rate doesn't unduly impact playability - we can safely assume that the game's core mechanics are processing identically to the 60Hz single-player game, so while there will be an increase in input lag, this doesn't quite feel like the muggy 30fps racing games you may be accustomed to.
    I'll leave mario kart 8 as is for now due to this affecting only three-player or four-player modes. Which seems unlikely to be in demand on cemu.

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    Tested Bayonetta, Legend of Kay Anniversary, Mario Kart 8.
    Legend of Kay Anniversary is dynamic while the other two are static.

    Side note: It's probably already well known; but graphical glitches would appear when I limited Bayonetta's frame rate. This got me to thinking that low frame rate may be the cause of glitches in other games (obviously not causing every glitch but for some).

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    From what I remember, Smash 4 can go down to 30fps without slowing down. Color Splash is 30fps on real hardware, but runs at 60fps with no speed up on Cemu.
    Splatoon runs 30fps in the lobby, but is 60fps everywhere else. However, multiplayer rendering is 30fps while HUD is 60fps, which could hint at a similar system to MK8's 3-4 player multiplayer. Sonic Lost World is 30fps only in multiplayer, 60fps everywhere else.

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    It looks like Paper Mario: Color Splash is dynamic.

    Will test the others eventually.

    Update: Splatoon is not dynamic. Will add note about the lobby.
    Update 2: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U appears to be dynamic.
    Update 3: No results for Sonic Lost World. Menu ran 60fps while gameplay was a miserable 1fps.
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    Cemu currently has a bug with Sonic Lost World where gameplay slows down to a crawl.

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    Have been adding periodically to the list using information obtained from youtube videos. Thanks to Darkemaste, chriztr, and Emulator_Team for uploading their videos.

    Tested Hyrule Warriors.
    Appears to be dynamic (from what I can tell). Menu and some videos run 60fps. Gameplay and other videos are capped at 30fps.
    Would be great if someone made a mod to uncap the frame rate.

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