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    Zelda Breath of wild GTX 1060 6GB = 940MX

    I had a Dell with a 940mx and 1080p screen and I was getting 24FPS on BFW now I change Laptop to play Zelda, I have i7 7700, GTX 1060 6GB, 16GB ram and I am getting the same 24FPS I had with a 940mx. I saw many videos on youtube some people play at high FPS and others with GTX 1080 get same results as me, I tried many grafics packs and performace do not change, someone could help me getting my 1060 playing Zelda at good frame rate please

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    Besides having something decently modern and made by Nvidia the gpu doesn’t make any difference to your FPS in cemu.

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    To get a better framerate you would have to overclock your CPU outside of the stock Ghz, along with using the Dual or Triple Core Recompiler options in CPU > Mode > Dual / Triple

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