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    Cemu crash at the same time

    Hello !

    Operating System (OS):Windows 10 64bits

    CPU Model: HP Pavillon 17

    GPU Model: Nvidia GeForce 840M

    GPU Driver Version:

    HDD : 762 GB Free space

    RAM Size: 4GB


    Cemu Version: 1.11.3

    Your problem in detail: I play Twilight Princess and I never had a real problem. But I got to the 3rd dungeon and my game is crashing in exactly the same place.
    I guess it's due to the map having a lot of graphic effect.

    What you have tried: Tried to change CPU and settigns.


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    Is it after trying to open the boss door? If it is...

    Try setting your CPU mode to Interpreter instead, load the game, open the door. Save, close Cemu, open it again, then go back to Recompiler mode and continue the game.

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