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    Hello. I realize that this problem exists for a number of users in Shrines, however I've been having it in all areas of the game.

    Sometimes when I initiate the use of Magnesis, Stasis, Cryonis, or Camera runes the emulator will crash. I cannot determine any noticeable pattern to predict when it will happen. All I can say is that for those runes, the game displays colored lines on the screen; these lines are an intended part of the game (red for magnesis, yellow for stasis, blue for cryonis and camera). The moment that the lines appear is when the game has a chance of crashing.

    My setup:
    CEMU: 1.11.3
    BotW:1.3.1 with first DLC
    i5 7600k
    GTX 1070

    GX2SetGPUFence skip: enabled
    Upscale filter: bicubic
    Vsync: enabled
    Fullscreen: enabled
    Use RDTSC: Enabled
    MM Timer Accuracy: 1ms
    Custom Timer: QPC: 1x speed

    1920x1080 graphics pack
    LWZX Crash workaround

    This is very annoying for me, any advice is greatly appreciated!

    Thank You

    I also often have the same problem when I am in a temple and I use a rune such as time blocking or object displacement the game crashes and spits

    sorry for my english.

    I m use cemu 1.4.b
    zelda 1.5
    dlc 3.0
    I7 extrem edition 2011V3
    64 GO DDR4
    SSD M.2 PCIE 2 TO
    GTX 1080 TI STRIX

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    Serfrost answered this

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