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    Several issues with Cemu

    Operating System (OS): Windows 8.1

    CPU Model: Intel Core i3-4030 @ 1.9 GHz

    GPU Model: NVidia GeForce GTX 820M

    RAM Size: 6GB

    HDD or SSD (provide remaining storage space): HDD (2to). Remaining space : 1to


    Game: All Zelda games

    Game version: Latest version for all


    Hi there,
    I come to you for I have no idea on how to fix some issues with Cemu (v1.9.1) which seems broken.

    I followed several tutorials on reddit, youtube and some forums to play on Zelda Breath of the Wild on PC. I manage to get the game, I configure Cemu following the tutorial, and load BotW, but I get some weird Japanese text :

    All the tutorials I followed (I get the same result for each of them) are about the EU game. Besides Cemu is set on EU region and French language: see and
    Then I googled things like "How to change cemu games language" / "cemu my games are in japanese" / <you name it>, and all I get are questions of people who actually want to play with Japanese language, else, everything is about issues with Cemu 1.7.x.

    I gave up BotW and got another game, Zelda : The Wind Waker, and here again, everything is in Japanese :

    So I got another one, Zelda : Twilight Princess, and there are now 2 problems. Only one caption, still in Japanese, that pops up after a broken scene: - -

    I also gave up hope for these games, and now all I get for other games are either white/black screens or scenes with japanese text.

    What I tried so far:

    Language issue:
    - Delete all Games and Cemu files, (+ check GPU drivers), reboot (just in case), redownload Cemu and the games. <== After each tutorial I followed
    - Tried different sources to get my games such as ZT (french ddl site), Wii U Helper..

    White or black screens:
    - Disabling Input and Audio when loading a game : Suggested on reddit

    - Checked the Cemu Compatibility List but none of the game are listed, even BotW, so I'm not sure if that would explain why the black or white screens for others.

    I'm kinda lost so I hope to find some help here. I'm sure that I missed something but can't figure where I've been dumb.
    Do you guys have any idea ?



    Additional comments:
    I know that I don't have the best computer, and I expected to not be able to play BotW, but is it also bad enough to not let me play smaller games ?

    EDIT: When I load Zelda: Minish Cap: -

    EDIT 2: I updated again BotW and now I got this when I load it : A blinking caption and when I hold Tab/Left click : (I guess it's a swap between the Nintendo Switch controller screen and the upper screen).
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    Go to Nvidia's website and download the newest drivers. That should fix at least some of the issues you have.

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    Hi, thanks for the help
    It actually solved all the issues. I don't know how I thought that the previous driver was up to date...
    Have a nice day !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neri View Post
    I don't know how I thought that the previous driver was up to date...
    A common reason lately is Creators Update of Windows 10. People think that it's just an update - and they are justified to think that. In reality it acts like a new Windows installation and it usually makes graphics drivers revert to the default available.

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