I'm not the only one who thinks the music in BOTW for the most part sucks. So I've been googling and found a pack where someone has made replacement BRSTM audio files to get rid of the junk in favour of remastered music influenced by the earlier games, and some simply lifted from earlier games, to make it feel like it's actually a Zelda game. If anyone's interested, the download link for it is here:


Seems all we do is dump it in the update folder within MLC01, overwriting the original files if there are any. I'll be giving it a go later to see if it's any good.

I didn't make this mod, so don't ask for any credit. I simply thought I'd share, since the soundtrack, or lack of for the most part, is my main gripe with the game which prevented me from giving it any time until now. Also, if any are poor quality, you can use Looping Audio Converter to convert your own music into BRSTM files instead, or simply delete that particular track so it doesn't overwrite the original. You can use the converter the other way round too, converting them into WAV or MP3 so you can listen to them and make your own mind up which ones are worth keeping. :-)