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    BotW Static 60FPS for v1.4+ for testing purposes

    update: consider using the latest static fps mod because it's more powerful while it also includes the stamina fix:

    This is a port (with some bonuses) of the original static 60FPS mod for the
    1.4+ versions for testing how it fares on hardware that can keep up on max FPS.
    Back then we didn't have the multicore recompiler so dynamic FPS was more
    urgently needed until hardware catches up, but now we can investigate if this
    simple and static FPS version of the mod is more stable or not.

    As bonuses, the "best fence" method is backported instead of an either simple
    skip or nothing so it should be more stable compared to the past; also, all
    vsync operations are skipped so it should be faster.

    Disclaimers: This is a purely static FPS mod; your system must be at max FPS.
    Due to vsync skip, dividing the 60 isn't as simple anymore; also, vsyncfrequency
    isn't directly usable at arbitrary values.

    Original discovery of the mod: Xalphenos
    "Best fence" originally by rajkosto
    Porting and adaptation: epigramx

    Download: BotW Static 60FPS for

    Update: 30FPS version: BotW Static 30FPS for

    Update: 20FPS version: BotW Static 20FPS for (this appears to require fence skipping in menus)

    Update: 15FPS version: BotW Static 15FPS for (this appears to require fence skipping even in game)


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    I think it's time to post the first preliminary conclusions of this test. It's relatively successful because according to several people, including Xalphenos, the stuttering is gone and it might offer slightly better performance for systems that can approach the target FPS.

    Almost ironically, the 30FPS version of the mod (it includes the same optimizations) seems to get the best overall results for general gameplay. "Almost" because most people wanted to lock to 30FPS to avoid all bugs related to high FPS anyway.

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