Currently playing master mode after 80+ shrines etc on normal.
1st time I played with nothing changed, however a restart after so many hours invested in the normal mode made me loathe to grind wood and rupees, and let's be clear they are purely a simple grind with no playability benefit. Chop trees forever and kill animals in 1 area to cook food and sell it. These 2 are no brainer QoL cheats for me.
Star fragments, I recommend getting your 1st one or 2 in-game from the shooting stars and then modifying your inventory number, no gameplay lost here by boringly trying to farm 50+ star fragments is there.
Scales / Horns / Claws of the dragons. Again, get the 1st one or 2 of each in-game by shooting them down and then modify your count.
Mark Korok pins on map. I have spent more time exploring areas I missed the 1st time round and seen more of this beautiful game by doing this. You still have to solve the little puzzles yourself.

I resisted the urge to change anything else even though my drop rate on ancient gears has been holding me back on upgrades. For me this would be step too far and be against the spirit of the game.

I don't feel that these cheats detrimentally affect the BotW experience, conversely they have enhanced it by allowing me to get on with the fun instead of farming via saves or drudgery. There's more than enough to do in Master mode without these things holding you back.