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    Awesome, I will give that program a go tonight. Also, I've been talking to the developer of HIDwiimote and he gave me some direction on maybe using his driver and x360ce to help map keys using the TR remote. Thanks again for your help and will report back once I finally get a chance to resolve this.

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    So finally found a solution after messing around with various input controlling programs that recognized the Wii motion plus controller. What worked for me was using a program called WiinUsoft which emulates any bluetooth input device as a xbox 360 controller for windows. For windows 10 CU, my steps (which have had a 100% success rate for me) are as follows:

    1. Connect RVL-CNT-01-TR remote
    *Find the Bluetooth icon in the system tray, Right Click, and select "Join a Personal Area Network"
    *Then select "Add a device"
    *Hit Sync button on wii remote and select the RVL-CNT-01-TR controller icon in the window of available devices.
    *On the next screen leave the PIN field blank and hit "Next"
    * After this process the wii mote will be "connected" to your PC, but will still be flashing the blue LED's

    2. Open WiinUsoft program and Sync remote interface to wii motion plus wiimote
    *The wiimote will be constantly flashing the blue LED's at this point and probably will not turn off
    *Open the WiinUsoft program and hit the "sync" button within the WiinUsoft UI to pair the wii mote. This will assign a player designation to the wii mote and will stop blinking. You can choose which player is assigned in the settings menu.

    3.Open Cemu and bind inputs
    *Under the input menu in Cemu, select "Direct Input". Select Xbox 360 controller (for windows) under input menu. Do NOT select RV-CNT-01-TR option in this menu.
    *You may now bind inputs to the available buttons depending on which controller configurations you choose. I hope this helps someone else as I spent way too much time trying to figure this out haha. Enjoy!!

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    Glad to see you found a fix. I'll keep this topic in mind if anyone else has issues with Wiimotes.

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