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    Question why cemu is closed source?

    wouldnt it be great if cemu release new updates daily just like the other emulators, why is it closed source?

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    It's the devs' only job; it works well in practice. If you open source it they will be likely out of a job in no time - whatever some claim to the contrary, I bet the forks will prevent any meaningful income after a few months - and they will have to stop working on it entirely.

    If the devs stop working on it entirely it's not necessary that it will become better. A very likely scenario is that you might get fast improvements in banal stuff like the GUI or modding, but the emulation itself to not progress that fast.

    After the multicore recompiler, the state of the emulator in terms of performance and accuracy for what it has to emulate has reached new heights.
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    As Epigramx said, there's various reasons. All were pretty spot on. Will it be closed source permanently? Probably not. I imagine after most of the kinks are worked out it will be open to the public, just don't expect it in the foreseeable future.

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    cant wait for the Vulkan support !

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