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    Audio issue with Xenoblade Chronicles X (not volume related)

    Operating System (OS): Windows 10 64-bit CU

    CPU Model: Intel i7-6700K 4GHz

    GPU Model: EVGA GTX 1070 FTW 8GB

    RAM Size: 32 GB DDR4

    HDD or SSD (provide remaining storage space): 250GB SSD with 95GB free


    Game (If applicable): Xenoblade Chronicles X

    Game Version: 1.0.2U

    Your problem in detail: Audio has a constant static crackling to it. It seems to be most common with the BGM, but other sounds do cause it. This barely happened, if at all, before getting to NLA. In NLA it isn't too bad, but stepping outside after first reaching NLA it starts more, and continues to get worse the longer I am out. It starts with a few pops here and there, then starts to build up to a constant static sound so long as continuous audio is playing. I've even had it get incredibly loud and screeching for about 30 seconds. This seemed to be isolated to one area, and when I got far enough away the volume slowly lowered until it was muted, then it returned to normal without any static for a few minutes before starting back up to the popping and static buildup. The screeching sound was only a one time thing, and haven't had it happen since. My FPS is stable during all of this. It may dip to around 27 at times, but I can be sitting at 30 with no fluctuation, and have this continue. I can sit on the title screen and just let the game sit for a few minutes, and continue to hear the static build up while it plays through scenes.

    What you have tried: I have tried pretty much any menu option in both CEMU 1.7.2c and 1.9.1. GPU buffer cache accuracy, fence skip, GX2DrawDone, timer, affinity. All of which have no effect. I have tried minimal volume, default, and max with no effect. I have tried the audio fixes found on reddit with altered sound file volumes, and again, no effect. Loading the game with no graphic packs has no effect. My drivers are up to date on both my graphics card, and my on-board sound on an ASUS Z170-A ATX.


    Additional Comments: Breath of the Wild, Twilight Princess, and Wind Waker HD run perfectly fine, and have no audio issues. I have never had any audio issues outside of CEMU either. I have watched a few videos on Youtube running XCX on different CEMU versions, and if I listen closely enough I can here a few pops here and there, but it is nothing, and not nearly as bad, compared to what I'm getting.
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    Audio issues are prevalent in most games, even Breath of the Wild.

    Exzap has been working tirelessly on Audio improvements over the last month for the new release. You may see some improvement when it's ready.

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    Yeah, I get that. I probably had a couple issues here and there in Breath of the Wild that were minor, but this particular issue is constant. I've seen people mention audio popping here and there, but nothing like I've described. This is basically like adding white noise to the entire game that increases in intensity until it's just too much to listen to. I can play with my headphones on the table I guess, but I thought there might be something more to it. If this is an issue that is well known, and somehow I wasn't able to find any information on it, then I suppose there is nothing I can do but play how I can, and wait for better audio emulation for it.

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    From what I heard, that's a normal problem with Xeno, other than it playing in mono only.

    Different users with slightly different results.

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