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    Problems with phzsic effect ( magnetics)

    Hi All,

    i tried this emulator since a few days but watched many tutorials ( also from BSoD Gaming) and i have the problem that the magnetic feature not work.
    I am at the beggining of the gamke in the first shrine were i get this, but when i activate it i'm unable to move the metal plates on the ground. Also whe i go outsite i'm unable to move the chest's in the water around the shrine.

    I saw in different threads this feature should be available sind the 1.7.5 cemu version or i'm wrong?

    Maybe some of you have a tip for me.

    So far i can run the game with approximate 15-20 FPS in combination with "Cheat Engine" and "Riva Tuner Statistic Server". Generell it workd well to play it on this Laptop.

    This are my specs ( i know its not the best but the first and best Laptop to test this) :

    Dell Inspirion 15 7000 series 7548

    Intel core i7-5500U 2,4GHz
    16GB Memory ( i tested to give a little more)
    AMD Radeon R7 M265 Series
    CEMU 1.11.4b ( also tried it with 1.11.3)
    Zelda 1.5.0 with DLC 3.0


    GX2SetGPUFence skip: enabled
    Upscale filter: bicubic
    Vsync: enabled
    Fullscreen: enabled
    Use RDTSC: Enabled
    BotW crash workaround : enabled
    Full sync at GX2DrawDone: enabled
    MM Timer Accuracy: 1ms
    Custom Timer: QPC: 1x speed
    Single-core recompiler (fast): enabled


    Zelda AMD Light Circle Fix
    Zelda AMD Shadows
    Zelda FPS++
    Zelda LWZX Crash Workarround
    CemuHook latest version 0563.

    I have installed all latest drivers.
    If you need mor information let me know
    Thanks for ypur help.


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    Hi All,

    this is fixed now.
    I found that my problem was that Cemu used my CPU integrated graphic card and not my AMD card.
    After adding the cemu.exe in the AMD catalyst Center under "switchable GPU" Cemu run quicker, looks better and the physic effect works well.

    The thread can be close now.

    Kindest regards

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