Anyone know how to recode/edit/mod what music plays due to a given trigger? Example: when fighting a Lynel there are 3 music tracks that play in succession. I'd like to mod that so that only one plays, and not the other two at all. Any ideas, or is this too code-specific?

If curious why (so that maybe I can fix this issue a different/easier way), I've been modding the in-game music files to make custom music for myself. But as stated above, Lynel is tricky. I had created a .bfstm file of the "The Hunter (Gasgoine)" track from Bloodborne, and was attempting to make that track the default music track playing when I fight a Lynel. However, there are 3 tracks that play back to back: a quick intro file is qued, then one of the FieldBattle tracks, then another FieldBattle track (you can find these in the "\content\Sound\Resource\Stream" directory).

I could replace the intro (which I have tried), but that wouldn't work well as the other 2 still play. I could delete those 2, but they would never que for any other battle that ever triggers them to (these are somewhat generic tracks and not "guardian" or "talus"-specific ones).

Any help would be appreciated.