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    Severe Slowdown Caused by Camera Rune (Not a Crash Issue)

    So I'm aware there were issues with the camera rune crashing peoples games in earlier builds of Cemu but these crashes seem to have been addressed now.

    However my issue isn't with crashes but with extreme slowdown caused by using the rune. This slowdown isn't immediately evident upon using the camera rune but after using it for a second or third time the game gradually becomes slower and slower.
    This slowdown is made significantly worse in graphically intensive/object heavy areas such as Hateno Village. I have GX2DrawDone() enabled which prevents the finicky targeting of the camera rune but the gradual built up of slowdown still persists.
    Is this a result of ram/memory leakage? the way the slowdown seems to build and build based on the duration of time the camera rune is active suggests it may be. But even if I quickly use the rune to take a single picture then put it away the subtle build up of slowdown is very noticeable.
    If I don't touch the camera rune at all I get an almost perfect 60fps at all times. But the camera rune is required for a bunch of missions and to be honest I'd love to use it to build up the comendium and track various things.
    I'll provide some info on my Cemu/Cemu Hook settings as well as my specs:

    Options: vsync disabled, Upscale filter = bilinear, GPU buffer cache accuracy = low, botw crash workaround, full sync at GX2DrawDone(), RDTSC
    CPU: triple-core, host based timer, all logical cores
    Debug: precompiled shader cache = disabled, MM timer accuracy = 1ms, custom timer = QPC
    Graphics Packs: high res shadows, 1920x1080, clarity, LWZX crash workaround, NVIDIA explosion smoke, square torch shadow fix, static 60fps mod

    Specs: i7 6700 @ 4.6ghz, GTX 1080, 32gb 3200mhz ram, ASUS Maximus VIII mobo

    Thanks in advanced for any input on this issue!

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    I have the same issue with the Camera Rune, I only recently realized it was the Camera Rune in combination with GX2DrawDone().
    This is most likely a VRAM leak issue in CEMU, I believe other people have reported this already but not many, maybe not many people use the camera rune a lot and the frame dips are almost unnoticeable at first.
    I also have a NVIDIA GPU like you maybe that's another factor, though I could be mistaken.

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    It's certainly a strange one and because it's not an immediately obvious issue I suspect a lot of people just won't notice. But it is fairly easy to recreate the problem and it seems to be tied to the camera runes locking on system. The more times the rune locks onto a target the more severe the build up of slowdown is. You mentioned GX2DrawDone() being a potential cause but it's actually significantly worse with it turned off as the lock on seems to constantly flicker on and off creating more and more slowdown (most likely a VRAM leak issue as you said).

    Thankfully the camera rune isn't a mandatory part of the game, but it is required for quite a few side quests and it would be nice to use just for fun. I'm still using 1.11.4b so maybe this issue has been resolved in 1.11.5?

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    I just reported the issue to Exzap the CEMU dev, and he managed to recreate the problem as well and it's definitely the camera rune causing a VRAM leak.
    It appears the problem cannot be easily fixed unfortunately, due to how CEMU handles textures so he'll have to think about a temporary workaround for the issue.

    Let's hope he manages to find a solution before the next public release, I doubt it though.
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    Thanks very much for reporting it! Good to hear that he managed to replicate the issue.

    Hopefully we will see a fix eventually. A temporary workaround would be great though!

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    Out of interest do you also have issues with the black icons that appear in the upper right corner during loading screens getting stuck over gameplay. Usually happens every other loading screen when loading a save or fast travelling and can be temporarily fixed by reloading the save again.

    I ask because I am wondering if that is also a texture related issue. It seems to occur when the icons don't appear in time for the duration of the loading screen. I know this is a long shot but seeing as you get the camera rune issues I was wondering if you also have this issue too, can't find anyone else that has reported it. Here's a quick image I put together to show you what it looks like, I should note that the four divine beast icons still animate as they would on the loading screen:

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    Hmm...I think it happened to me only once, and I'm not sure how I fixed it. Do you have the latest version of the game 1.5.0 and DLC 3.0? Maybe try clearing your shader cache as well as the GLcache.
    Also make sure to update to the latest Cemuhook and Graphic packs, you can use this tool to update the graphic packs

    If all else fails try a clean Cemu install.

    Also check the Cemu discord, you can ask there for more help
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    I'll try all those things, hopefully one will work. Thanks Skriber

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