Hi everyone, I'm a little unsure of the usage of shaders.

I'm using a downloaded shader recommended in this tutorial.


I've set up Precompiled shader caches to Disabled, I've edit the game profile and everything and the game loads the correct shaders in the transferable folder.

Now the first time it compiles with a very long load, then relaunching the game it takes considerably less.

After a few days and installing and playing other games (not on cemu) it occured that I got the long compile again..

I saw in the previosly mentioned tutorial it mentions that this could happen and it says to backup the files in /Users/Username/AppData/Local/NVIDIA/GL cache/ etc... after loading the game for a first time.

And then put these files back in that folder in case the long compliling happens again.

My question is,

do I need to erase the old backup and create a new one everytime, or do I use always the files from the first compile?

Also, is it normal that the number of shaders is a little bit larger everytime you load the game?