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    Super Smash Brothers Brawl Wii U

    Ok folks... a newcomer to the forum, so please forgive me if during my search.. I just couldn't find what works.

    After getting CEMU up and running... going thru the steps of getting some games running, including Super Mario Bros (finding the much needed additional .dat files) .., I have ran into that brick wall, that the answers on the net just haven't been able to get this game going for me.

    AMD FX8350 BE - 16GB - Nvidia 750Ti (driver 390.65) - SoundBlaster Z -- Cemu v 1.11.4 .... all running on Windows 10 16299.248.

    I am currently trying to get the US version of the title going. The game has not been updated, or any DLC added. That was my first guess that may have been needed, seeing as an update and DLC came with the game. However, 22 years of experience in the industry made me pause, and thankfully I did, reading up on how the US version doesn't work with those anyways.
    I have tried all the fixes I could find on the net.. from the Cemu Fixit page (common fixes for Cemu), to the long reddit discussions. Disabling input controls, to trying out different CPU configs.
    Similar to Super Mario/Luigi Bros.. it just won't load after opening the main file. Goes to black screen... sits for approx 15 to 20 seconds.. then crashes and sends the report to MS.

    Is there a fix?

    If there's more info you need from what I have running, or what I've tried, please let me know... I check my question posts on forums frequently.

    Thanks in advance for helping an old time gamer...

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    Make sure you have Cemuhook installed and update your Cemu to v1.11.5 (released as of the other day.)

    Cemuhook is required to play multiple game's video files / cutscenes that are in h264 format (such as Sm4sh's intro video.)

    Place the Cemuhook files into your Cemu folder. (All of them.)

    Open Cemu and then click the prompt in the main window that says something like "Download Shared Fonts," these are required for text to be displayed in various games.

    Lastly, Sm4sh will only boot if you keep your CPU > Mode > Set to "Single Core Recompiler (fast)"

    Extra: You want to get a save file from online and place it into it's save directory (found by reading Log.txt after running the game.) This prevents the SD Card Missing issue and softlocks after matches when unlocking characters.


    As far as I know the game will work with Update v1.1.6 and with the latest DLC.

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    Thanks for the reply!

    I will get this done, and report back. Much appreciated.

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    I had Cemu 1.11.5 already installed..
    Finished updating graphics to 391.01..

    Followed your steps... and she works like a charm! I am going to test how to create a new player, because my daughter will want to unlock her characters, watch the cut scenes.. etc. If it's not possible, that's fine.. at least she has all the characters as is.

    Again.. thanks for your time, it is appreciated.

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