If you are familiar with MH3U on Cemu, you are probably aware of the problem, that Cemu crashes after the cutscene following the "Conqueror of Land & Sea"-Quest. Some posts on Reddit said, that I should just enable V-Sync or reinstall Cemu and the game. Sadly none of those tricks worked for me. I even tried to rename the Cutscene-File so it wouldn't play, since there is another issue some people have with another cutscene, and this seems to fix it. But doing so I only get a black screen with music playing. I suppose it's the credits without any video footage. But after this is over, nothing happens, I just have a black screen. Sadly none of those tricks worked for me. After Cemu crashes, I'm again right before the cutscene, I can't skip it. So I can't keep on playing the game on this profile, which is pretty sad since I really enjoy this game, and it's the reason i got Cemu. I also had this issue after first starting the game. The first cutscene that introduces you to the "Moga Village" also made the game crash. But after restarting, the game just kept going as if the cutscene already played. This time this is not the case. So I don't want to blame the creators of Cemu for this. They did fantastic work creating this program. But maybe there i someone, who can help me with this. I know that I can just download a savefile somewhere and use this one, but in Monster Hunter it's all about the grinding, so using another persons savefile would just feel wrong. Another idea that I have is, that i send someone, who doesn't has this issue, my savefile, so he can save after the cutscene and send it back to me, since it seems like it works for some people. Help me fellow Cemu-User. You're my only hope.