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    wind waker buggy sounds

    at any point of the game the background music changes when it cant maintain a 30 fps.. it randomly plays the sounds of getting a heart piece, getting an item, opening a dungeon door, striking a sword etc. and the random sound is gone when i leave a room or enter another room.. how can i fix this???

    i3 4010U @1.7Ghz
    4GB DDR3 RAM
    2GB NVIDIA 720M
    Windows 10 1709
    cemu 1.11.5d

    Non default cemu settings:
    Dual core recompiler - also tried single core but dual core is much faster
    GPU Buffer Low

    Graphic Packs
    FPS Slowdown Fix
    No Anti Aliasing

    thanks in advance

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    is someone fixing the random sounds encounters on WWHD?

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    There are several games that have audio problems if you don’t maintain the target FPS. Sometimes disabling rdtsc helps. Most of the time there is nothing that can be done.

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    At some point I could mute the game audio on demand indefinitely by artificially lowering FPS. I consider it normal if the game behaves normally at normal fps.

    There isn't considerably much that can be done to make that game lighter since the main dev considers it very unoptimized (originally) at certain scenes.
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