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    Bayonetta 2 Crash

    Operating System (OS): Windows 10
    CPU Model: Intel Core i7-7700k 4.8ghz
    GPU Model: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080
    GPU Driver Version: Nvidia 391.01
    HDD or SSD: SSD for Windows and HDD for cemu and games
    RAM Size: 16gb DDR4-3200
    Cemu Version: 1.11.5d
    Game & Region: Mario KArt 8 EU
    Game Update Version: 64
    Your problem in detail: Crash after 5-10 mins of gaming
    What you have tried: Single Core Recompiler, Custom Timer RDTSC/QPC tried both, GX2Drawdone

    Note: BOTW runs fine without any problem.

    Also. I found this in log don't know if this is what's causing the problem.
    [21:30:51] Game profile "gameProfiles\0005000010172700.ini" does not exist

    How do I find the game profile for bayonetta 2?
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    Bayonetta 2 crashes are a known issue. There are no fixes for it.

    There may not be a default profile for this game.

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