Hi All,

From what I understand, CEMU is almost entirely CPU dependent. However, there are many users who vaguely post about their 1070's 80's being tapped out (without posting settings or explanations as to why).

What settings impact CPU demand and utilization, and what settings affect GPU only (or primarily)? I.E. BiCubic vs BiLinear scaling? Is this done on the CPU or GPU? What happens if I run the game at 4k vs 1080P (screen resolution), CPU or GPU? How about the graphics packs; what about the 4k graphics pack vs 1080P? What about anti-aliasing (graphics pack vs Nvidia settings)?

My Situation:
  • Ryzen 1600 @ 3.8ghz 1.32V
  • 32GB (24 available) 2400mhz ram
  • M.2 500GB SSD
  • GTX 1070 TI 8GB

I am running CEMU on a windows VM running on UnRaid. UnRaid has 2 CPU cores pinned with all hardware emulation (for windows) restricted to those two cores. I am passing 4 cores to windows to use as it will (have also tried 5 cores with 1 core overlapping and affinity in CEMU set to the non overlapping cores).