Hi All,

I've set everything according to the BOTW 1.11.5 guide on youtube and have overclocked my ryzen to 3800MHZ but am still experiencing low framerates.

  • 15-30 FPS in BOTW
  • low CPU Usage (50% of 5 cores when set to Triple)
  • Low GPU Usage (only 50% GPU load - seems that it'd be higher)
  • Worse performance when using Double or Triple thread vs single
  • I've noticed that when using triple thread, the process seems to jump core to core and does not consistently load 2-3 cores

Click image for larger version. 

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In the screenshot you can see my performance with "Dual core". The CPU frequency is actually 3800MHZ (confirmed independently from command line while the game was running).

Additional Info:
  • I'm running windows as a VM with 5 allocated cores - but have CPU / GPU passthrough and bare metal performance in other games / benchmarks
  • I am running 32GB (24GB allocated) ram at 2400MHZ for now
  • I currently have Cool'n quiet enabled
  • I have C-States enabled in bios
  • I am running windows 10
  • I have have tried setting the process priority to "High" with no results
  • I'm using the AMD fix graphics packs / 1080P / FPS++ / No AA / No DOF
  • I have a preloaded shader cache / downloaded a shader cache for the game (the issue is not stutter anyway but consistently low FPS)
  • I am using the suggested AMD gpu settings

I'd sincerely appreciate any help in figuring this out. I feel that with 5 cores at 3800MHZ I should be seeing better framerates. At least 30+ consistently.