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    Question Ryzen 1600 (OC) / RX 560 - BOTW - Low Framerates and low CPU/GPU Utilization

    Hi All,

    I've set everything according to the BOTW 1.11.5 guide on youtube and have overclocked my ryzen to 3800MHZ but am still experiencing low framerates.

    • 15-30 FPS in BOTW
    • low CPU Usage (50% of 5 cores when set to Triple)
    • Low GPU Usage (only 50% GPU load - seems that it'd be higher)
    • Worse performance when using Double or Triple thread vs single
    • I've noticed that when using triple thread, the process seems to jump core to core and does not consistently load 2-3 cores

    Click image for larger version. 

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    In the screenshot you can see my performance with "Dual core". The CPU frequency is actually 3800MHZ (confirmed independently from command line while the game was running).

    Additional Info:
    • I'm running windows as a VM with 5 allocated cores - but have CPU / GPU passthrough and bare metal performance in other games / benchmarks
    • I am running 32GB (24GB allocated) ram at 2400MHZ for now
    • I currently have Cool'n quiet enabled
    • I have C-States enabled in bios
    • I am running windows 10
    • I have have tried setting the process priority to "High" with no results
    • I'm using the AMD fix graphics packs / 1080P / FPS++ / No AA / No DOF
    • I have a preloaded shader cache / downloaded a shader cache for the game (the issue is not stutter anyway but consistently low FPS)
    • I am using the suggested AMD gpu settings

    I'd sincerely appreciate any help in figuring this out. I feel that with 5 cores at 3800MHZ I should be seeing better framerates. At least 30+ consistently.


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    There is nothing to figure out. This performance is expected with an amd gpu.

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    Ah, got it - so this is entirely a limitation of the RX 560? I was surprised, because people regularly say that GPU doesn't matter much and that any modern GPU will do. I am also surprised because the GPU is only loaded 50%. If it was a limitation of the GPU I would expect 100% loading.

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    Hayo, I got a Ryzen 1600 and a RX580 and just have stable 17-20FPS... What may I try? Why can other RX580 dudes play with 40+ FPS? With Triple Compiler I have 20-30FPS, but not stable
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    It's a limitation of AMD's OpenGL driver. That's why gpu load isn't a factor in it. And almost everyone with an amd gpu has noted the issues with the multicore recompiler. I had an rx 470 and now a rx 460 and the results were the same. So you are right in that any modern gpu will do. Any modern nvidia gpu will get you great frame rates. Any modern amd gpu will get you between 20 to 30 on average. My absolute tops with the rx 460 is 34 fps in a less demanding area. All other things the same with an nvidia card I get 60 in the same area. And that's with even a gt 1030.

    It is important to note that this is really only the case with BOTW and XCX. All other games perform fine on an amd gpu.

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    Do you think I should buy a cheap NVidia GPU? I could sell my RX 580 for ~400€, but I bought a FreeSync monitor recently...

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    Hey Vincent, I'd say you should keep it if you have a FreeSync monitor. I only say that because I'm not sure one game is really worth changing your whole setup around. Not to mention, you could do all that work and then a version may be released that resolves the issue.
    You could always buy the console and game...maybe for less than the GPU trade... But then this might not be the forum for you anymore

    Anyway - thank you for the clear answer. I spent an ungodly amount of time trying to boost my CPU higher and higher to net absolutely no return. This probably saved me another few hours of tweaking and testing.

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    I wouldn't worry much because the game still has bugs at FPS different than 30. Also the emulator will develop a Vulkan backend in the distant future which has a moderate chance to give a boost to AMD.

    PS. If you are experienced on Linux, the Mesa driver can achieve performance similar to NVIDIA's but I wouldn't recommend it to someone not already familiar with the OS.
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    In regards to linux I would not suggest it to any polaris users. No polaris user has reported success with it. Several polaris users including myself have reported botw and xcx not rendering correctly. Not my pic, one of the other polaris users who have tested, but this is what it looks like.

    Like I said though all the other games work fine in linux. And it even fixes some of the amd bugs. Like weird shadows in mk8 and the complete black screen of monster hunter 3. So if you run linux and want to get cemu set up go for it. And I totally advocate the use of linux. But if you're a windows user and your only goal is botw and you have a polaris card don't bother with linux.

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    ^Thanks for clarifying that, it's hard to keep track on specific games. The state of support in that area is relatively unknown.
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