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    Smash Bros freezing during game play.


    After testing the game on my second computer: (AMD Athlon 955BE, 8GB ram, 650Ti)

    The game starts fine, loads characters (used game save file from previously posted suggestion).. loads screens fine.. however, some levels, in particular Wrecking Crew, the game will play for a few minutes, and then just freeze.

    I set the game up using suggested settings, such as Single Core recompiler, Custom timer: RDTSC, no custom graphics packs...etc.

    Is there some other setting(s) that can be adjusted or used that allows the game to play? Any particular save file from the net that people are using that works better than others?

    Thanks for the time in helping me resolve the issue.

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    I think I got it now... found a different save file, and so far no freezing.

    Despite the fact other games seem to run flawlessly, this and BOTW seem to give us the most grief..

    Thanks to all that do awesome work getting these titles to work, and the CEMU team for everything they do!

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